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Protesters come out to oppose Lubbock senator's Sanctuary Cities Bill

Senator Charles Perry (Source: KCBD File Photo) Senator Charles Perry (Source: KCBD File Photo)

Protesters came out to oppose a Sanctuary Cities Bill proposed by a Lubbock senator on Thursday, including one woman who had to be removed by DPS officers.

The hearing came hours after Governor Greg Abbott cut $1.5 million dollars in state grant money to Travis county after the sheriff there chose not to comply with a federal mandate issued by President Trump's immigration orders.

Right now, there are two sanctuary cities in Texas, Austin and Dallas.

Senate Bill 4, better known as the "Sanctuary Cities Bill", proposed by Senator Charles Perry, was designed to require all jails to notify federal immigration officials and hold undocumented immigrants who allegedly committed a crime.

The bill was amended earlier this week to boost penalties against any departments which refuse to enforce the law. The amendment also extended its requirements to university police departments. The bill, which began its life as a controversial one, prompted more than 450 people to sign up to testify at the hearing, some of whom spoke in favor of the bill, while others stood firmly against the legislation.

Officials say there is a chance this bill may pass as early as next week.

We did reach out to Senator Charles Perry today to hear more from him about this legislation, but because of his schedule during today's hearings he was not able to get back to us by Thursday night.

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