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Floydada ISD working on bond proposal to renovate high school

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Superintendent Gilbert Trevino, Floydada ISD (Source: KCBD Video) Superintendent Gilbert Trevino, Floydada ISD (Source: KCBD Video)

Floydada ISD officials are preparing for a bond election to fund renovations to their 62-year-old high school.

A recent assessment determined that the school needs major renovations.

The superintendent says voters will have the choice of whether to authorize the bond issue in May.

"We're having several issues that we are having to repair throughout the school year from plumbing, to structural issues, to roofing issues, but, my biggest concern is just the security of the campus," says Gilbert Trevino, superintendent for Floydada ISD.

He says the school has had two separate assessments done, both recommending major renovations.

"We have two choices, do we continue to pump a lot of money into those buildings to try to repair the issues that arise on an annual basis, or do we build new," he says. "We felt that it's easier to build from the ground up a brand new facility."

Trevino says they're looking at a $40 million bond proposal, which will cost taxpayers in the area, an extra six cents from what they're paying now.

But, Trevino says it's becoming necessary.

"If you go over near our auditorium area, you'll see where the building foundation has settled," he explains. "So, we have structural issues - cracks in the wall."

He hopes to acquire land, demolish the existing building and build the new school, which will house grades 6-12.

The district also wants to upgrade athletic facilities and build a new transportation and maintenance facility.

The school board would have to call on the bond and Trevino hopes they'll do that February 16th, so the bond can make the May 6th election.

"The school building has been in existence for 60 years, I think that's a great thing," he says. But, if you think about the thousands of students that have been through the building, the wear and tear on it, eventually, you're going to need to do something."

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