Consider This: Historic East Lubbock Gateway shows right way to do community projects

Last week we told you the story of the Historic East Lubbock Gateway.

The volunteers of the Lubbock Roots Historical Arts Council have raised money and commitments for a three and a half acre city park and gateway in the area that runs along Avenue A from 17th to 23rd Street.

Private funds and grants have paid for the project so far.

Compare this to what happens at the city-funded North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation, who didn't submit a budget for approval until after the year ended.

There, your city dollars underwrite a non-profit in a tangled scheme of businesses. Your dollars fund an administrative office, big salaries and programs, but do not contribute to community infrastructure.

Consider come Lubbock citizens are using private funds to build parks while the city is sending hundreds of thousands of dollars down a bottomless pit to the NELCDC?

Parks and streets are the city's responsibility.

Having seen the hard work by the Roots Historical Arts Council, I'm for the city taking some of those mineral royalties they blindly hand over to the NELCDC, and let's get the Historic East Lubbock Gateway built.

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