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Trinity Christian superintendent cancels elementary classes Thursday, Friday due to widespread illness

Source: Caleb Holder Source: Caleb Holder

Trinity Christian School Superintendent Stephen Cox had to talk to his faculty before he decided to cancel elementary school classes this Thursday and Friday.

"We looked at the pattern of absences over the last couple of weeks," he said, "and we've had an abnormally high amount of kiddos with flu and strep-like symptoms down at our elementary school."

Even Cox's son is sick.

"Kindergarten through third-grade…we've had a little over 40 kids absent," he said. "We had some classes with over 75 percent of the kids out, and we've got about 30 percent of our elementary staff that was out sick today."

Cox decided canceling classes for these two days would give the elementary students a chance to recover.

"Recuperate, get well rested and come back to school on Monday," he said.

But Cox decided students would still come to class on Wednesday.

"We felt that less than 24 hours notice would be tough on our families," he said, "so we decided to go ahead and wait another day."

They plan to disinfect their campus during the two days they are shut.

"We work with a local company called Germ Blast," he said, "so they're going to be in Friday and doing a very thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all of our elementary campus."

Cox said once students return, they will make sure they continue to practice good hygiene.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provided these tips for children attending schools – to stay home when you are sick, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands often with soap and water, and clean and disinfect surfaces or objects.

"We will focus on keeping our school clean and keeping our staff healthy," Cox said.

Most importantly, Cox wants parents to know that their students need to stay home if they believe they are contagious.

"We've got days built into our calendar to handle situations like this," he said, "so there's really no need to push it. No need to force sick kiddos to feel like they need to be at school."

Officials from Trinity Christian Elementary School released the following statement on Wednesday afternoon:

Statement from Trinity Christian Elementary School

After thoughtful consideration, Trinity Christian Elementary School has decided to cancel classes on Thursday and Friday of this week. We have recently experienced student absence of 75%-100% in some classes and over 30% for staff.  As a small school, our focus is on the wellness of the family and this decision was made with consideration to our working parents, thus the reason school was held today.  We asked that any students showing symptoms of illness be kept at home today.  Trinity has taken comprehensive preventative measures to ensure that our students and staff stay well this winter season.  We held a flu clinic last semester where a majority of our families participated, but we are seeing that even those who have been vaccinated have still been susceptible.  Our teachers sanitize their rooms daily and there are hand sanitization stations present in all classrooms.  We also have a working relationship with GermBlast and have utilized their services over the past few weeks.  They will be returning while the school is closed to remove any lingering germs and prepare for the students return on Monday.  The health of our students and staff is our top priority at this time, and we are prepared to take all necessary measures to promote wellness.  

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