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New E-Mail Scam Circulating in Lubbock

Lubbock businesses are under attack by a new e-mail scam that could take control of your computer. This e-mail scam can wipe out your important documents and disable any virus protection you may have on your computer.

Computer experts say this is a very persuasive virus that even someone who knows computers well could fall victim. So far, someone has just sent the e-mail hoax to big businesses in Lubbock, including Texas Tech University, Lubbock Online, and now NewsChannel 11.

Experts say the e-mail is very convincing because it claims to be from the company's "Security Department." For instance , the subject line might be "KCBD Security Department " and it asks you to confirm your company account conformation . When you click the link, it is automatically downloaded to your computer. "The link installs text.exe in the Windows 32 directory and on the next reboot it executes it ," says Jim Rawlings, KCBD Computer Technician.

Experts are warning e-mail users that if you receive an email that refers to account updated information, do not click on the link, or give out information. Just simply delete the items.

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