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Food for Thought: 2/9

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Health inspectors checked out about three dozens places this week. Most of those were routine inspections, but four came from complaints.

Health inspectors checked out Hong Kong at 4845 50th after a roach complaint. And, while they didn't find any roaches - they did find 13 other violations.

  • Raw chicken and raw fish were stored over raw beef and sauces. A candy dish was on top of another candy dish with no cover between them.
  • There was food debris on the racks in the walk-in-cooler.
  • There was no thermometer in the cooler with raw meats.
  • Cans were dented. This can cause botulism.
  • There were green granules in an open container.
  • A dry storage container was cracked.
  • A container of sugar was on the floor.
  • A cigarette butt was found in the restroom, and the room smelled like smoke.
  • A rice spoon was stored in cool water. It must be in water at least 135 degrees or a dry container when not in use.
  • Parts of the reach-in cooler were dirty.
  • There was no light in the employees' restroom.
  • Personal items were stored in the kitchen.

There is no certified food manager at the restaurant. Many of the violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Beijing House at 3605 50th had 14 violations.

  • Several frozen meats were thawing at room temperature.
  • Food in the freezer was not covered. This poses the risk of cross contamination.
  • There was no date mark on any meats or sliced veggies.
  • Multiple food contact surfaces were dirty.
  • The reach-in-cooler and under the grill were dirty.
  • Several areas on the floor and fridge were damaged.
  • There were no food handler cards for the employees.
  • Multiple containers and lids were cracked.
  • There were visible open gaps in the back door.
  • A wiping cloth was on top of a cooler instead of in the sanitizer bucket.
  • Clean pans were not air drying properly.
  • The lights were out in back storage rooms, and the vent hood above the fryer was dirty. Personal items were stored over the meat slicer.
  • There was no cover on the trash can in the women's restroom.

Several violations were corrected during the inspection.

Now to the good news. Here's a look at this week's top performers:

  • Street Sweets (mobile unit)
  • Raider Park Grill at 2522 Marsha Sharp Freeway

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