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Valentine's Season highlights heartbreak for some couples

Valentine's Roses Valentine's Roses
Nevill Manning, lawyer (Source: Taylor Lee) Nevill Manning, lawyer (Source: Taylor Lee)

Valentine's Day gets many in the mood for romance, love and appreciation. However, the holiday focused on love is the opposite for some.

Many lawyers around the US say they see an increase in divorce filings between the first of the year and March.

After a University of Washington study, indicating that divorces peak consistently in March and August some psychologists say the trend may reveal breaking points in relationships. 

Read the full study here.

Nevill Manning, a Lubbock lawyer, commonly known as a family and divorce lawyer, says already in the month of January alone he's noticed a significant increase in filings. He says couples have filed on Valentine's Day too.

"Well, it is ironic that at a time when you should be celebrating your feelings for one another, you're ending those feelings. It happens, unfortunately. I advise them to never give up, and just because you file doesn't mean you have to get one."

Manning says a variety of things might contribute to this.

He listed a few things saying, most people hold is out through the holiday season, stay together until the end of the year for the kids, and the winter months of the new year mean people are in closer proximity to one another. 

Manning warns that sometimes his clients don't know what they're missing until its gone. To the couple struggling to hold on, and toying with the idea he says, "There's no such thing as a perfect marriage because there are no perfect spouses. None that I've run into."

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