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Cakes for a Cause: Friends bake together to raise money for family in need

'I love you a Bundt' fundraiser for Niki Dickey (source: KCBD video) 'I love you a Bundt' fundraiser for Niki Dickey (source: KCBD video)
(source: Trish Shuman) (source: Trish Shuman)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so you might be thinking about what sweet treat you want to get your loved one.  A group of friends in town started a Bundt cake fundraiser for Valentine’s Day, and all of the money raised goes to a local family in need.

Trish Shuman and Sara Clark have always enjoyed baking together.

"It’s kind of one of the things that we, a common interest we share," Clark said.

And with enough practice, they’re working their way toward being cake connoisseurs.  

"We always find a really good recipe to do, and we always try to do some kind of a theme," Shuman said.

But they’re missing their third partner in baking, Niki Dickey.

Niki was suddenly hospitalized three weeks ago with a brain bleed, all of this while she is pregnant with her third child.

"She is 23 weeks pregnant right now. And the doctors aren’t able to do anything to treat the AVM until after she delivers the baby," her husband, Eric Dickey, said.

Eric says doctors are planning to do a precautionary C-section up to two months before their baby is due.

“The baby after that will go into NICU for as long as it needs to. And then they’ll look at possible either surgery to remove the AVM or possible radiation,” Dickey said.

So with this unexpected journey ahead for the Dickey family, Trish and Sara decided to use their love of baking to start a Bundt cake fundraiser.

“Since we’re doing it on Valentine’s Day we wanted to include a Valentine’s card and so we came up with the name 'I love you a Bundt,'" Clark said.

"We just thought, you know, I can give a certain amount of money but if I could run a fundraiser and donate my time and my money towards it, then God will use it to multiply it however he wants. And he did," Shuman said.

With the help of others, they’ll be baking more than 600 Bundt cakes.

And though the sweet and savory cakes are sure to delight, they hope Niki’s story is what will bring meaning to this Valentine’s Day treat.

"I mean she’s a strong person. She’s very strong. She knows that God’s in ultimate control and she knows that God is going to heal her," Dickey said.

"The fact that she can still be her spunky self, I hope that other people can see that sometimes things happen. Sometimes it’s bad. But you can still be there for the world, and you can still be yourself and get through it with the help of your friends. Which is hopefully what we’re doing for Niki," Clark said.

If you are interested in ordering a cake, orders are due Saturday by noon.

They will bake mini and large Bundt cakes

Dozens are $35 (assorted or one flavor)

Large cakes are $30

Individual minis are $4

Trio minis are $10

The flavors are Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Strawberry and Lemon.

Cakes will be delivered the day before Valentine's Day.

You can visit ‘Team Niki Dickey’ on Facebook to order or make a donation.

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