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Lubbock Appraisal Protests Begin

The Lubbock Central Appraisal District had hundreds of protests scheduled Wednesday alone. There are thousands to hear in the upcoming weeks. NewsChannel 11 caught up with a couple of homeowners to talk about the ups and downs of the process.

Larry Manale explains, "My tax appraisal last year was at fair market value for the house, so I didn't complain. Of course you always want it to be lower, but this year they raised it 12%."

NewsChannel 11 Asks- "How Can You Successfully Lower Your Appraisal Value"
In the coming weeks, thousands of Lubbock homeowners will go before the Lubbock Central Appraisal District, all with the same request - lower my property appraisal. So NewsChannel 11 researched the process to find out how you can do that.

After waiting more than an hour for his scheduled appointment on Wednesday, Manale was able to get a desirable outcome from the Appraisal District Review Board, saving him hundreds of dollars in future property tax payments. He says, "I was able to get the market values of some houses near my house and I presented them and they did reduce it down to last year's valuation."

For newlyweds David and Diane Rosenthal, the process was a little more harrowing, with a surprise twist. David says, "We noticed our appraised value went from $71,000 to $104,000. Approximately a 46% increase."

46% seems bad enough, but when David and Diane met with their appraiser, it got worse. David explains, "He was going to leave it at $104,000, but since we showed up, he's going to recommend it go to actual price we purchased house at $125,000."

The Rosenthals have no problem with a fair valuation, what they do have a problem with is a process they say is unfair for hitting them with a huge increase all at once. In the end, the review board opted to keep the Rosenthal's appraisal at $104,000, because they deemed it market value.

The Rosenthals are happy for that, but they feel the need for reform. David explains, "We have to approach Texas legislators and we have to get active in getting tax reform done. I'm going to write some letters and let them know how I feel."

If you have not protested your property appraisal, you must do so before the deadline. That deadline is printed at the bottom of your appraisal notice.

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