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HealthWise at 5 From 6.8

  • I-Care Interaction

Researchers at Arizona State University and Wright State University in Ohio have developed an assistive device designed to help blind people identify others when they come face-to-face. The I-Care Interaction assistant sets its sights on a person's face, runs physical characteristics through a processor carried in a backpack and then announces a name to the wearer in real-time. The interactive assistant is in early development, but researchers hope that someday it will be able to store snapshots of people that blind people come in contact with on a daily basis to ease concerns or social anxiety.

  • Frubi Shades

A new kid-friendly sunglasses will give petite peepers the kind of protection they need! Frubi Shades were designed by an Arizona ophthalmologist who hopes the soft-framed shades will become as natural on toddlers as sneakers! The Frubi frames are made of a soft, foam-like material, and attach securely with hook-and-loop closure. The all-important lenses offer maximum sun protection, and filter out UV rays, blue light and infrared light. The comfy sunglasses are available online at .

  • Talking Prescriptions

We're all reminded to read and follow directions on prescription bottles, but what if you don't speak the same language the instructions are in? Faced with this problem, a talking prescription bottle provides dosing instructions in local dialects of the area. The talking prescription bottle is also in use in the us at various locations, including VA hospitals.

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