Consider This: Remind local government about need for tornado sirens

The First Alert Weather Days we've experienced this week and last are reminders.

It won't be long before we go from thundersnow to thunderstorms and the severe weather that comes with tornado season.

We are right smack in the middle of Tornado Alley. Every year communities that live in this corridor are devastated by severe weather.

Very often, the difference between the loss of many lives and a few is the type of early warning system the community had in place.

Consider This: Public safety is job one for local governments. It is ridiculous that our city and county governments have not made tornado sirens a priority.

In just a few months your elected officials will begin budget planning for next year, just in time for tornado season.

Mayor Pope made tornado sirens a part of his campaign.

I'll be watching to see who is looking out for you and your safety. I'll also be watching to see who is passing the buck with fingers crossed hoping that the next tornado doesn't come on their watch.

If you agree with me contact your council member or county commissioner. You can find their information at Consider This on

Lubbock City Council:
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District 1 Councilman Juan Chadis -
District 2 Councilwoman Shelia Patterson-Harris -
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District 4 Councilman Steve Massengale -
District 5 Councilwoman Karen Gibson -
District 6 Councilwoman Latrelle Joy -

Lubbock County Commissioners:
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County Commissioner Precinct #1 Bill McCay -
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