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Lubbock floral designer reflects on the real meaning of Valentine's Day

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The National Retail Federation says the average person celebrating Valentine's Day will spend about $142 dollars this year, adding up to about $18.2 billion nationally. That including consumers right here on the South Plains.

But for one local floral designer, this day adds up to a lot more than the dollars and cents spent.

For Tori Anderson, the lead designer at Devault Floral, Valentine's Day can be a bit overwhelming.

"It's been insane. I'm sure you can hear our phone ringing in the background. It just keeps ringing and it's gonna be ringing all day," Anderson said.

Anderson says with nearly 200 deliveries scheduled, with at least 5,000 flowers used, the 20 employees on hand are crucial to making sure the day runs smoothly.

"It's definitely the holiday for floral designers for sure," Anderson said.

Aside from the hectic day, Anderson says there are a couple of things that set this day apart.

"I don't read people's cards, but when they call in, and they obviously have to tell me what they want to say on the card. There's a lot of funny things. I like seeing guys kind of come out of their comfort zone and order flowers. It's really sweet just seeing them try really hard to make their significant other happy, " Anderson said.

She says flowers delivered around Valentine's Day can acknowledge more than a youthful giddy love, they can also celebrate love that's withstood the test of time.

"We had one guy that called in the other night, he said that his wife was about to pass away, he wanted one last arrangement for her, so I got to do that. That was very, very touching to me that she got to see one last beautiful thing before she passed away," Anderson said.

She says stories like that are a simple reminder about what Valentine's Day is all about.

"It truly does bring a lot of joy to people, and you know, just having something pretty around. We do just kind of forget that, that this is special to other people, they're not just doing it because it's another holiday," Anderson said.

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