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Females More Prone to Knee Injuries

Millions of girls play sports, and there are always going to be injuries, but it turns out girls are more susceptible to knee injures. That's according to the Cleveland Clinic where researchers are trying to determine why girls are four times more vulnerable than boys when it comes to suffering ACL injuries.

Researchers say a lot of factors play in hormones, bio-mechanics, training, weaker hamstrings, and flat feet. One thing is for sure, genetics is a factor. "Once you tear you anterior cruciate ligament your parents, your brothers and sisters and your children double their chances compared to the general public, " says Richard Parker M.D. an Orthopedic Surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Richard Parker is one of the founders of a new ACL registry called MOON, which stands for "Multi- Orthopedic Outcomes Network". It's an active research project that follows patients and their ACL injuries. So far, they've been recording about a thousand a year, and they can see that most ACL injuries do not come during contact, but with sudden stops, while changing direction. Hopefully, he says what they learn can lead to new innovations and prevent further injuries.

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