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NewsChannel 11 Asks- "How Can You Successfully Lower Your Appraisal Value"

In the coming weeks, thousands of Lubbock homeowners will go before the Lubbock Central Appraisal District, all with the same request - lower my property appraisal. So NewsChannel 11 researched the process to find out how you can do that.

Over 100 people packed into the Appraisal District office on Wednesday in hopes of reducing their appraisal value. You have only 20 minutes to present your case to a review board. Research conducted before Wednesday helped Property Owner, Larry Manale use his time wisely. "I was able to get some market values of houses near my house and was able to present that, and they did reduce it down to last year's valuation."

Partly due to his legwork, Manale will save about $600 a year on property taxes. Chief Appraiser, Dave Kimbrough said Manale did the right thing by researching his neighborhood before he met with the review board. NewsChannel 11 asked what else you can do in order to be prepared.

Kimbrough said appraisals are partly based on the appearance of your entire neighborhood. So if you want the board to reduce your appraisal, you have to prove why your property is different.

"If they've got substantial structural damage for example, or water damage," said Kimbrough, "Something that makes their property different from what's typical in the neighborhood."

He said pictures help, especially if damage is inside. Estimates are often based on outside appearance only. Sales and appraisal estimates from your neighborhood can also help.

Take some of Kimbrough's advice and you might be as content as Manale. "I felt that when everything was said and done it was a fair outcome for me," said Manale.

The deadline for you to schedule a hearing is printed on the bottom of your appraisal.

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