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The Roll-N-Grow & NoodleHead: Do THEY Work?

We've got the Roll-n-Grow. It looks like a long piece of carpet but this one has flower seeds in it. See the orange flowers that will to grow?

But wait! We're testing two products. I figured since I'll be planting, I'll need some water. Here comes the NoodleHead. The ‘noodles’ can bend anyway you want and particularly where you want to water. Let's get both of these tests started.

I cut the roll-n-grow to fit the round container. Now that it is situated, the directions say to water it. I bent the noodles on the NoodleHead to where I wanted, making sure to follow the direction of the roll-n-grow which told me to water the carpet until it was soaking wet.

Now, since one test is well on its way, let’s see what the NoodleHead can do in the field. I turned the water all the way up and it was able to sprinkle a wide area of my backyard. Then, I bent the noodles one direction, turned the water full blast, and it was able to stay just how I had adjusted it.

It's going to take some time to see if the Roll-n-Grow works, but tonight I can tell you the NoodleHead does work.

You can buy the NoodleHead for about $17 plus shipping and handling. Just do a Google search on your computer to find it. We'll keep you posted on the progress of the Roll-N-Grow in the coming weeks!

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