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Lubbock immigration attorney helps clients know their rights

Paola Ledesma (Source: KCBD Video) Paola Ledesma (Source: KCBD Video)

Tension is growing across the country and here in Lubbock in anticipation of President Trump's pending immigration order.

One local immigration attorney says her practice has seen a boom in business because of recent concerns about the law.

Paola Ledesma, an immigrant from Mexico, says her job is to make sure her clients understand the law.

"You have to be prepared," Ledesma says.

She deals with legal and illegal immigrants on a daily basis, and has recently had a lot of clients asking her to clarify not only their rights, but the rights of ICE and Border Patrol agents as well.

"Right now they're enforcing the borders. It's been in the laws for a long time, but it hasn't been enforced. Now it's being enforced," Ledesma says.

 She says there is important advice she wants to make sure all her clients understand.

"Do not run, do show an identification. Do provide your legal name, do not give another name to the officer, and usually, at least here in Lubbock, if you are not the subject of a criminal record, or a previous deportation order, they're going to be 'nice to you,'" Ledesma says.

She also says it's important to have a plan.

"If they go and pick you up at work, and you cannot go and pick up your kids, then just have someone to call, or have someone to be in charge of your kids, or, if you are indeed deported, then have an emergency plan for that," Ledesma says.

Ledesma says she believes the number of illegal immigrants would decrease if more immigration attorneys were reasonably priced. She also says many people claim to be attorneys, but do not have their legal license and run scams on immigrants on the path to legalization.

Ledesma says while the United States is a nation built on immigrants, she also says it is a nation built on laws, and that is something important to acknowledge.

"They are allowed to enforce the immigration laws. So, if you are not in the country with any proper documentation, then just do what they ask you to do," Ledesma says.

If you would like to contact Ledesma, her number is (806) 589-3090, or, you can email her at

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