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LPD and LFD Working on Safety Solutions for Annexed Residents

Annexed land owners that are moving into city limits will soon be getting city services provided to them. Some of those services include safety services like police and fire response. But as the population grows in Southwest Lubbock, so does the need for more safety. NewsChannel 11 explains what current residents can expect from the city's safety services as well as what's in store for the future.

Chris Daniels and his family are planning to move into the newest part of Lubbock, and neighborhood safety is definitely a concern. "It is important to move somewhere where you'll get good response time."

Lubbock fire and police agree that anytime a city expands, you're going to have growing pains. LPD Chief Claude Jones says, "We know our city is grown. We know it will take more officers, and we will continue to try and meet the demands." Fire Chief Steve Hailey has the same concern. "When you take on two square miles, services have to be provided. If we do it with existing services, we're spread too thin. It's going to increase the number of fire stations, firefighters and police officers."

Before the departments can plan for the future, they have already been discussing what to do for the time being. The police are going to look at patrol beats and figure out where the calls of services are coming from. The will add officers as needed.

The fire department has already set fire station 12 on call for the new limits. They say response time will take longer than their four minute response time, but it will not get worse than what the county has now. Hailey says "it will improve when we add additional facilities."

Both departments have already went to the city council with requests for more employees and additional facilities. They are now just waiting to see the need of resources per population.

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