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Sean Carter shares personal message about the cost of drunk driving

Jenny & Sean (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs) Jenny & Sean (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs)
Source: Sean Source: Sean
Source: Sean Source: Sean
Source: Sean Source: Sean
Source: Sean Source: Sean

Sean Carter is sharing a personal warning about drinking and driving with students across the South Plains this week, an issue he lives with every day.

"I am called a public speaker," Sean Carter said. "However, this iPad speaks what I type…so I suppose it would be more accurate to say I am a public typist."

Sean no longer has a voice, but nothing can stop his sense of humor.

"He'll get to giggling and he can't stop," his mother, Jenny Carter, said.

Sean has to use technology to communicate as he learns new ways to live his life, after nearly losing it in 2005.

"I got into a truck driven by a drunk driver," he said. "Allow me to rephrase that…my previous life ended that night."

Sean was 22 years old and a college student at Midwestern State in Wichita Falls when he went out with friends one night.

His drunk friend was driving and spun his pickup into a tree. That crushed the right side of the vehicle where Sean was sitting. Sean suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries, but worst of all…a traumatic brain injury.

"But I'm still here," Sean said.

He forgot how to walk and even talk.

"At that time there was so much going on that it wasn't scary," Sean said. "It sure was, and still is, extremely frustrating."

But Jenny has stayed by his side as he has proved doctors wrong.

"In the very beginning he couldn't even hold his head up," she said, "but over time, he has progressively gotten better. He's worked really hard to get better."

Through constant work, Jenny and Sean even got to a point two years later where they felt like they could travel and share his story.

"It gave us a way to quit thinking about ourselves and focus on something else," Jenny said.

That has led Sean and Jenny to yet another hotel room for the night, as they get ready to speak to South Plains students on Wednesday.

"Choices I made put me here," Sean said, "and those choices are what I speak to young people about."

It took Sean losing his voice for others to hear the wisdom in his silence.

"Drinking may seem worth it for one night of fun," Sean said, "but that's all it night."

Sean will speak at Slaton and Post high schools on Wednesday, then will speak with Ralls High School students on Thursday.

To support Sean as he continues to give these speeches, visit

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