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Campisi's helps Remember Our Heroes raise money for veterans

Source: Caleb Holder Source: Caleb Holder
Source: Caleb Holder Source: Caleb Holder

Heroes in disguise gathered at Campisi's restaurant on Wednesday night, as veterans were among customers who not only brought their appetites…but a heart to give.

It was all as a part of a fundraiser for Remember our Heroes, an organization that supports three nonprofit veteran advocacy groups.

Danny Koch is a member of Remember Our Heroes because his son was injured at war.

"Paul was at Brooke Army Medical Center for almost a year recovering from his injuries," Koch said. "We met a lot of great heroes, great characters there."

Now, Koch works to help other veterans have a full recovery after war by focusing on suicide prevention. He reports that nine veterans in Lubbock County have committed suicide within the last 8 months.

"Twenty-two veterans commit suicide daily," he said. "So they have to go out literally to the streets and find these veterans [to help them]."

But those services cost, so Koch reached out to Campisi's to ask for help to raise funds.

Campisi's makes the first restaurant to partner with Remember our Heroes in the Lubbock area, and Koch said they set a goal to hit $10,000 in sales.

"We get 15 percent of gross sales, excluding taxes," Koch said.

General Manager Jessie Jenkins said hosting this fundraiser is the least they can do.

"We're just here to raise awareness," Jenkins said. "They come back and they're forgotten because they're not in uniform."

The Campisi's employees' patriotism increased with each veteran served, like Vietnam veteran Dick Murphy.

"I served in the United States Army for 24-and-a-half years," Murphy said.

Murphy was also wounded during war and is a double Purple Heart and a Silver Star Medal recipient.

He knows healing can be tough once veterans are back home.

"We have some people here tonight who are missing limbs and everything else," he said, "and it's sad, and their families have a hard time with food and electric bills, utility bills and so forth.

That is why Danny is so thankful that the community continues to support their fundraisers.

"The greatness of America is in these soldiers and marines and veterans," he said. "They represent the very best of us."

Campisi's will not know the full amount of funds raised from this giveback night for at least a couple of days.

To support Remember our Heroes, visit

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