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Homeowners Hit Hard by Twister

Ask H.L. & Joyce Porter if they have you ever seen anything like the tornado that passed over their house Thursday and they'll say, "No, not this bad." The Porters have lived in their Almond home for fifty years...and after the tornado passed through, what's called a "lifetime roof" on the back of their house is now in the front yard.

H.L. recalls, "We could see the tornado back here for quite some time and she (Joyce) and I stood in the front door and it would dip down and go up and each time it would get closer. Finally I saw it hit. Every time it'd hit the ground, dirt would fly real high and we got in our hall and got down."

The tornado was headed straight for the Porter's home... snapping trees and utility poles like toothpicks along the way. H.L. says, "It hit, but it was very fast, just went whoosh and everything was gone."

Just down the road, the Porter's neighbor got hit just as hard, if not harder. Michael Kveton's roof is destroyed and his vehicle is buried under his destroyed garage doors. He says, "If I can get it out, I might have a good car under there. I don't know."

When straight line winds turned to the furry of a twister strong enough to move a pickup truck, Michael and his neighbors took cover. He says, "I'm glad I made it through, that's the most important thing. H.L adds, "I guess you'd have to say I was scared...but no fear really. You just try to survive.

Though clean up and repairs will take time, the good news is both homes were fully insured.

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