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Picking up the Pieces in Petersburg with a Smile and a Lost Pick-Up Truck

You would think after a tornado takes a strong grip of your home and belongings.  You would have a hard time smiling or even laughing. Not Franklin Harris though.

“What are you going to do, cry?” he said.  He laughs as he is pointing to his truck that was thrown from his home.   “That's your truck over there. Where was it parked?” asked NewsChannel 11.  “On the other side of the blazer, next to the garage,” answered Franklin. 

“Have you ever been through a tornado before?”  “I've seen it from a distance but never been in one,” said Franklin.

The Harris' say one hour after their power went out, they watched the tornado from the side window.  They saw the tornado touch down several times.  Then, when they saw the trees circulating, they knew something was terribly wrong and ran for cover in the bathroom.

Franklin's sons are covering a small hole in the roof just in case it rains and boarding up one broken window. The carport was demolished, farm equipment was scattered in nearby fields.  But, the family's outside kitten even managed to go unscathed.

And what about the pick-up truck thrown half a mile from the house. Franklin walked over there with the keys and it started. He says a tornado's fury is another man's humble experience.

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