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TRAFFIC ALERT: Work begins on South Loop 289 frontage roads

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Work has begun on repairs to South Loop 289 Frontage Roads.

This is to fix ruts in the road at the intersections of Slide, Quaker, Indiana and University. 

Crews will start on the westbound South Loop Frontage Road at Slide, then go eastward to University.

Both the westbound frontage road and the exit onto Slide from the South loop were closed off Wednesday, while crews worked to fix holes on the frontage roads.

Drivers can expect the same situation when this work continues on Friday morning.

Work on Slide should be completed by Friday afternoon, weather permitting.

Then starting next week, TxDOT crews will move to the Quaker, Indiana and University intersections for the same repairs.

They begin at 6:30 a.m., and hope to finish the work by 3 or 3:30 each afternoon. 

You might want to add some extra time to your morning commute or find an alternate way to go.

And while no one is a fan of traffic, each driver has their own opinion on whether the project is worth it or not.

Lubbock driver Kerry Simonds says it needs to be done, but he believes this is only a temporary fix.

“To me, it’s a band aid. Instead of filling in pockets, you’re better just to tear it all up and re-pave the whole thing. Cause those band aids only last for so long," Simonds says. 

But Silvia Gonzales says she’s happy about the work, despite any delays that come along with it.

“Oh yeah, if it fixes the problem, I don’t mind. I don’t mind...It’s going to be a lot of traffic, but however, it needs done. It really needs to be done because like I said, you know you hit a bump in the road it messes up your car, and you’re in a hurry. But other than that, it needs to be done," Gonzales said. 

Again, this work continues at the intersection of Slide and the South Loop on Friday morning at 6:30.

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