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Group Plans To Bring Vitality Back to 34th Street

One group is hoping to breathe life back into Central Lubbock.

"It's the old heart of Lubbock," says Robert Nebb, a 34th Street business owner. He's referring to the street his business has called home for almost three decades. Robert, along with other business owners, formed the 34th Street Association in February with the hopes of banning together to breathe life into the area. "One challenge is to keep the focus on the development on this part of the city," he explains.

Once a vital part of the city, 34th Street now has about 700 businesses who operate here and business owners say it will be up to the city to make improvements that will help them survive. "To really not only develop the infrastructure up on the street, give it a lot more curb appeal so to speak and also create the community we need to have to keep this as a viable section of town," adds Robert.

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"We want to establish new opportunity here," explains Dr. Peter Ho, president of the association. He says the street is mostly comprised of mom and pop shops struggling to stay alive. "Some businesses have been here for several generations so I think this is a very important part of Lubbock," he says.

The plan is to motivate other business owners to renovate their properties while asking the city to patch up streets to eventually attract other businesses to set up shop here and ultimately making what some owners are calling a real miracle on 34th Street.

All 34th Street business owners are invited to attend a meeting Monday night to promote growth for the area. The event will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Sunset Church of Christ Family Life Center. Representatives from the city, including the mayor are expected to attend.

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