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Food for Thought: 3/2

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Moldy food tops the list of violations in this week's Food for Thought, but it's not all bad news.

Italian Garden at 1215 Ave. J. they had 16 violations. 

NOTE: All violations were corrected. There were no violations when health inspectors reinspected the restaurant two days later. 

  • Mold was growing on breaded veal. 
  • Raw veal was thawing on a counter. 
  • Raw chicken was in a container on the floor of the walk-in cooler. Raw veal, raw eggs and raw chicken were stored over ready-to-eat foods. 
  • Dented cans were stored with good cans. 
  • Two cans did not have a label. 
  • Several personal items were stored in the kitchen including water bottles, cell phones and fingernail clippers. 
  • Personal medication was above a prep table. 
  • There was no system of date-marking being used. 
  • There were no towels at the hand sink. 
  • A knife handle was melted - making it not easily cleanable. Duct tape and wood were used to fix the handle of a food processor. 
  • A broken Styrofoam cup was used as a scoop. 
  • A food processor lid and blade were dirty. 
  • The door sweep was broken on a back door. 
  • Multiple utensils were stored between equipment. 
  • There was mold on the outside of the fan in  the walk-in cooler. 
  • There was no self-closing door or lidded trash can in the employee restroom. 

The inspector notes, due to the number and the nature of the violations management did not show proper food safety knowledge. a
Correction: The previous image shown was the original location and not the current location of the Italian Garden. 

Slim Chickens at 5508 4th had 12 violations.

NOTE:  All violations were corrected. There were no violations when health inspectors reinspected the restaurant the next day. 

  • Raw chicken was above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees. 
  • Raw chicken was store over ready-to-eat pickles. An employee touched their lips with their fingers and then put napkins in a to-go bag. 
  • The sugar bin was dirty and had dry lumps of sugar. A can opener was dirty. 
  • Dented cans were stored in the service area.  
  • A spray bottle was not labeled. 
  • There was no certified food manager certification posted. 
  • Dishes and utensils were broken. 
  • The 3-compartment sink was being used to thaw raw chicken and wash dishes at the same time. 
  • Raw chicken was thawing in standing water. It must be flowing water. 
  • Boxes of plates were on the floor. 
  • A bulk container of sugar was not labeled.
  • Gaskets on the cooler door were dirty. 

Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins at 4328 50th had 12 violations. 

NOTE:  All violations were corrected. There were no violations when health inspectors reinspected the restaurant three days later. 

  • An open container of milk was above 41 degrees. 
  • An open container of milk did not have a date mark. 
  • A reach-in cooler was not working. Its contents were thrown out. There was ice buildup on the door of the walk-in freezer. 
  • The scoop handle was inside the sugar. The freezer was leaking water into ice cream - creating ice on the ice cream. 
  • Dishes had labels on them. The spray nozzle at the sink was dirty. 
  • Spray bottles were stored next to donuts. 
  • The hand sink was not working. 
  • There was no trash can at a hand sink. 
  • The edge of a knife was damaged. 
  • Food products were stored on the floor of the walk-in freezers. 
  • Bulk sugar was not labeled. 
  • There was no light in the walk-in cooler.

Now to the good news. We have one top performer: 

  • Adolph's Bar & Grill 

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