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Community cheers on Borden County basketball team headed to state tournament

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With a population of just a couple hundred, the people of Borden County consider themselves more like family. And in this family, it's all about hometown pride.

"Everything's about being a coyote around here, and I guess they say it's part of the pack. Being in the pack is a special thing and it's like family, so when you have success with one, everybody celebrates," said Becky Justice of the Coyote Country Store.

For the first time in the school's history, the boy's basketball team is going to the state semifinals, meaning everyone from the Courthouse to the corner store will be watching.

"These kids are hard workers and I know that they're going to have a good time and that they deserve it," said Justice. "It's just something that you don't see very often and to be a part of it, not only as a fan but also to be a part of it as far as the staff goes, it's just truly exciting to see," said Ricky Martinez, Technology Coordinator for Borden County Schools. "I couldn't be any prouder to be where I'm from," said Nicole Milhauser, a Teacher's Aide also at Borden County Schools. 

And it's not only about the game, but supporting the heart of the community and repping Coyote pride.

"Best of luck, the community is thrilled, so very proud of you guys." "We just want them to make the most of this opportunity and do their best." "Good luck and be you, play strong with your hearts like you always do, and we'll be rooting you on!" 

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