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Have We Seen the End of Tornado Season?

For the past few weeks, we've shown you a lot of video of tornados, lightening, hail and rain wrecking havoc on the South Plains. So, is this severe weather season worse than in previous years? NewsChannel 11 speaks with the experts to answer that question.

Stormchaser David Drummond had a front row seat to mother nature's fury. He saw 18 tornadoes within 75 miles of Lubbock over the past two months. "There is an element of danger, but it's no crazier than any other sport like jumping out of a perfectly good plane."

But there's a method behind the madness, and it's thanks to storm chasers, meteorologists and the weather service that keep citizens informed of any danger. National Weather Service Meteorologist Justin Weaver says, "Thanks to timely and accurate warnings by us, radio and television stations, people can get to safety."

This storm season, our area has had 15 to 18 tornadoes which is not uncommon, the change this season is the fact that a third of those have been extremely severe. Drummond says, "Some chasers go without ever seeing a wedge. I've seen two, they are big powerful tornadoes."

Major programming at KCBD was cancelled because of the severity of the storm. The National Weather Service did not report any fatalities thanks in part to Chief Meteorologist John Robison staying on the air. "To see with your own eyes is better than looking at the radar supplement the visual effects are very important."

Being able to foresee the storms has helped saved lives, but being able to foresee the end of this season, could be a little more bleak. John Robison predicts, "I doubt we've seen the end of it."

The National Weather Service says although the tornadoes are expected to ease up, hail and thunderstorms could continue. So if you're waiting to claim any damage, you might want to wait until the end of June.

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