Mary Wall Haragan Pays It Forward: 3/8

Mary Wall Haragan Pays It Forward: 3/8

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This week's Pay It Forward segment began on Frankford Avenue just north of 66th Street.

Mary Wall Haragan pulled into the parking lot as soon as she saw our sign.

Mary had seen Pay It Forward many times over the years.

We asked Mary who she wanted to help out.

Mary told us that she wanted to help out Andrea Grinnell.

Mary told us that Andrea is a single mother who works really hard and she felt like doing something nice for her.

Andrea works at a local retirement center in Lubbock.

We made the drive to her workplace.

Mary called her up front and totally surprised Andrea.

Mary counted out $300 to Andrea.

Andrea tearfully accepted the money and said, "Thank you."

Andrea told us that she is struggling a little bit and that this will help out with her three children that she takes care of.

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