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Lubbock couple auctioning off handmade cabinets to help fire victims

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Source: Ashlyn Tubbs Source: Ashlyn Tubbs

Kaylyn Davis and Luke Adkins are paramedics in Lubbock by day.

"You have to love something like what we do," Davis said.

It is a job that comes with stress.

"We've seen it first hand," Adkins said, "You know, the devastation and people losing their lives and stuff like that…and it's never easy."

However, by night they turn into carpenters as they team up to create handmade cabinets and furniture.

"I ask him what to do and he shows me," Davis said, "and that's just how we work."

Adkins does all the wood work.

"I've done small stuff for people for years," he said.

Davis' specialty is giving his creations flair through paint.

"We talk about colors and what we can and cannot do," she said, "and different things like that."

They call it Running Crazy A Woodworks: their special side-business ran out of Adkins' garage

"Now there's more of a demand," he said, "and it's keeping us busy."

But today, this couple's business turned into a charitable operation.

"I know it's not much," Adkins said, "but it's something that I thought would be cool."

Adkins decided to auction off one of their barn door cabinets on his Facebook to benefit the families who have lost loved ones in the Panhandle fires.

"Storage-type cabinets that have sliding barn doors on the front of them," he said.

As first responders, Adkins and Davis have both seen that devastation.

"It's not something that I can even fathom," Davis said, "for them to have to make burial arrangements and get everything in line that five days ago wasn't supposed to happen."

So together, they hope to channel a different set of tools and skills to heal pain.

"Even a year from now…they'll still be in our prayers," Davis said.

Anyone interested in bidding on their barn door cabinets only have until 7 p.m. tomorrow to comment their bid at this link:

For a list of other ways to donate to the Panhandle fire victims, visit

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