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Lubbock County Emergency Management Team rolling out new alert system following AT&T outage


As the Federal Communication Commissions investigates a massive outage last, affecting AT&T customers across the U.S - including here in Lubbock - many questions remain. During the outage, customers were unable to dial 911.

This brings up a concern regarding how to let people know about future problems similar to this - and what numbers they should call.

Both the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office and the Lubbock Police Department use systems to notify residents during a situation like last night.

While LPD has an app, the Lubbock County Emergency Management team is rolling out a new system to alert the masses.

"With the issue that had occurred last night we felt like it was necessary to push out information, to give those citizens an alternative method for contacting the sheriff's office," says Clinton Thetford, the Lubbock County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Thetford says the alert went out through their old system, Nixle...along with a new system, one Thetford is urging residents to sign up for.

"We're actually rolling out the new R U Aware campaign, which is a regional system for all 15 counties in the SPAG region. You can sign up to receive alerts from your local emergency management coordinators within those counties, and we'll receive automated messages for like severe weather events and things along those natures," says Thetford. 

He says the system is easy to sign up for.

"It's totally free to the citizens of the SPAG region, and like I say, it is gonna become Lubbock County's primary method of putting out information to the public."

Thetford says in his opinion, this alert system is crucial.

"The more informed the public is, the better decision they can make to protect themselves and their families during an emergency, so that's why we're really pushing these alert systems," says Thetford.

To sign up for the new system, as Nixle will be phased out by the Lubbock County Emergency Management team in about six months, log on to

In case of an emergency, and you can't get in contact with the Lubbock Sheriff's Department, you're asked to call 806-775-1600, 806-775-1601, or 806-775-1602.

The Lubbock Police Department also has an app to alert residents within city limits. 

Just search 'Lubbock Police Department' in your app store.

In case calling 911 from your cell phone is not working, and you need to contact Lubbock Police, you're asked to call 806-775-2865, or text 9-1-1.

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