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HealthWise @ 5: Men's Heath Week

The week before Father's Day has been named Men's Health Week. It is very important to become a partner in men's health because men's health impacts wives, children, partners, mothers. The prevention and treatment of men's diseases are a family issue, not just a men's issue.

Wives can take the lead in changing men's bad habits to good ones. I am a great believer in doing little things that add up. If you want to reduce cholesterol and fat intake of your meat and potatoes man, you don't suddenly become a vegetarian. Follow the suggestion of Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and institute meatless Mondays.

Make sure your husband and sons wear their seatbelts all the time. Men are more prone to accidents. It seems that some of the long life advantage that women have is due to men's risk taking behavior.

There is a movement in Washington to establish an Office of Men's Health based on the one that has been established for women. Scientists now know that many issues in health are gender specific.

To read more about men's health and how to preserve it, check out the following web sites:

At the Mayo and Intelihealth sites, search for 'men's health' to find comprehensive coverage of men's health and disease.

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