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Drugs Don't Discriminate Among Users

The possible ecstasy overdose death of Thomas Mallory is raising new questions about the availability of drugs among Lubbock teens. NewsChannel 11 researched the drug activity of Lubbock teens and discovered drugs are very prevalent and readily available among high school and even middle school aged students. Teenagers and counselors said drugs do not discriminate amongst users.

High School Junior, Francisco Garcia said, "The most popular thing, I think is marijuana."

Eighth Grader, Stormy Boykan said, "Ice, marijuana are popular."

Ecstasy is another popular drug among Lubbock area teens, and it's not hard to get according to Boykan. "A lot of older people will just sell it to younger kids who will sell it to younger kids."

Extracurricular activities can deter teens from drugs, but Therapist Bob Howell M.ED. said those students are just as likely to experiment.

"No matter if parents are wealthy," said Howell, "If they have great jobs or are politically active, whatever, they're still as likely to use experimentally, recreationally as someone of a different socioeconomic class."

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20-year-old, Brian Sifford said, "People tend to pick drugs over their friends or family."

Teens such Sifford and 20-year-old friend, Eric Herrera know drugs are a problem among all types of kids. However they said the problem likely will not go away. Herrera says, "There's not really too much you can do about it, they're going to get it, they're going to get it. Somebody tells them no, they're just going to go somewhere else."

NewsChannel 11 also spoke with a doctor who urges parents to be aware of their children's behavior. A number of signs can indicate a possible drug problem. With ecstasy, your child may have drastic changes in attitude or schoolwork, kids may have dilated pupils and they may become aggitated easily or get anxious.

Also know where your kids are at night. Emergency room doctors at UMc said they see most overdose cases after midnight.

Suspected Overdose Kills Lubbock Teen
Lubbock Police are investigating the death of a 16-year-old that occured in Southwest Lubbock over the weekend.

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