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Fire Department Issues Warning After Child Locked In Car

An overcast day proved to be a lifesaver for a Lubbock baby Tuesday.

A mother accidentally locked her baby in her car while at the Town & Country convenience store in the 200 Block of 50th Street. Fire fighters were called to the scene and were able to unlock the door within three minutes. But, had the temperature been any hotter, firefighters say this could've been a dangerous situation.

"On a day like today it wasn't hot, but on a day where its warm the car can get to be 120 to 150 degrees," said Lt. Rodney Westfall of the Lubbock Fire Department.

Westfall says the fire department will break a window if they can't get a child out of car within five to seven minutes on a hot day. He reminds parents to look back inside the car before they leave and to carry their car keys in the pocket.

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