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Breedlove Ships Truckloads of Food to Indonesia

With the help of a forklift and lots of manpower, pound upon pound of dehydrated veggies are bound for Indonesia... from Lubbock with Love. David Fish, General Manager of  Breedlove Dehydrated food, says, "It will go from here to the port of Houston and be loaded on container ships. Over 30 days or so, it will finally be delivered in the port of Jacarta.

Once the food reaches Indonesia, Nancy Ware's organization -Global Aid Network (G.A.I.N.)- will receive it and distribute it to refugee camps and cities devastated by the tsunami. She explains, "There are still over 700,000 people who do not have their own homes, and many lost their whole livelihood, so they have no means to purchase food for survival."

The advantage of sending Breedlove food is once you take the water out of it, a two pound bag contains 50 servings, so one truckload constitutes one million servings. Milions of servings can make a big impact in the ongoing need for food; the key word "ongoing."  Fish says, "That's the reason we held $500,000.  We knew there'd be long term needs for months if not years and this is what it's all about.  This is harvest time.  Harvest time is a special time for farmers and this is our harvest."  Ware adds, "I've heard of Texas hospitality, this is another aspect of that hospitality.  It reaches beyond West Texas.  It reaches to the entire world.

Breedlove recieved $581,000 in tsunami relief donations. They have more than $300,000 left.

Following the Tsunami Relief Money Trail
Last December's tragic tsunami in Southeast Asia triggered a massive outpouring of support from right here on the South Plains. Many gave willingly to relief efforts on the other side of the world and NewsChannel 11 is making sure your heartfelt donation made its intended destination.

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