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The No-Fad Diet

There's a new diet book that's hitting store shelves, and the author is not making a profit. In fact, every dollar from every sale goes to a worthwhile charity...heart research.

It's called The No-Fad Diet, a publication of the American Heart Association, and it blows away South Beach, Atkins, The Zone and all the diet hype. Instead, The No-Fad Diet offers a questionnaire, and your answers will help you decide which of three diet plans would work best for you.

"The American Heart Association and the no fad diet really doesn't get really preoccupied with carbohydrate protein fat glycemic index." "Based on the response to the questionnaire, you might be targeted to a program where you switch and swap," says Robert Eckel M.D., American Heart Association.

In other words, your answers may indicate you just need to save some calories by switching foods, like margarine instead of butter.Another strategy lets you eat whatever you want, just cut your portions. Then, for people who need more structure, there are nearly 200 recipes and specific eating plans for two weeks.

Again, it's called The No-Fad Diet, by The American Heart Association and nobody's making a buck on this. All the money goes to research on the heart. We called around and it is available in Lubbock bookstores and some stores told us it is popular and hard to keep on store shelves.

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