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The Clorox Bathwand: Does it Work?

John Slyker is a FedEx guy who takes two baths a day, because his wife, Karin says, he works so hard. But Karin says he doesn't clean his bathtub as frequent as he should.

Here is the Clorox Bathwand. It's supposed to extend your reach by two feet, designed for optimal reach. Let us see what this ten dollar product can do.

John's tub is a Jacuzzi tub which makes it hard to reach some parts of it. The directions said to wet the sponge on the wand and start scrubbing. I noticed immediately the sponge got really soapy. And with it, I scrubbed the wall, the bottom of the tub, and the other side.

It removed some pink residue off of the tub in just a few scrubs. After using the sponge, it was evident it was cleaning because the sponge was dirty.

Overall, I thought the wand did give me that optimal reach – however, you must know that it was hard to clean in tight places like around the faucet. You will have to use a cloth for that. But, I still liked the product and would recommend it to anyone. It works!

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