Consider This: Wildfire response shows true spirit of West Texas

Last week, we were all watching as grass fires swept through the Panhandle, destroying life and property. Our hearts go out to those who lost family members in these tragedies.

In the wake of this calamity; however, I am encouraged by the response of West Texans to the tragedy in the Panhandle.

Before any agency assessed the damages, and way ahead of anyone's declaration of emergency, West Texans were organizing disaster relief efforts for their neighbors.

The fires weren't out before people started shipping hay and other supplies to those who lost nearly everything. In dozens of ways, individuals and organizations sent immediate help to their fellow Texans.

Consider this…it is part of the pioneer spirit that lives in hearts of the people of this area that moves us to step up and help our neighbors.

I believe generosity of this scale and urgency is a uniquely West Texas value. You don't find it everywhere.

And it's exactly the reason I'm glad to be a West Texan and live in Lubbock.

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