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HealthWise at 5 From 6.17

  • Child-Arthritis

Doctors warn growing pains that don't go away, may mean more than another inch taller for some kids. Researchers studied over 2,000 patients with arthritis of the spine, and found those with juvenile onset were typically undiagnosed for long periods of time because people blamed the aches on growing pains, and the real reason, undiagnosed, put them at risk for severe problems in adulthood. So, doctors say if children complain of joint pain for more than a few weeks, children may benefit by seeing a specialist. With early diagnosis and treatment, children with arthritis of the spine can see relief of symptoms and curb some long-term effects. The specialist to seek information from would be a pediatric rheumatologist of the study period.

  • Heart Bug

A common stomach bug could be causing some people to have irregular heartbeats. A small study found people with irregular heartbeats, known as atrial fibrillation, were 20 times more likely to test positive for the H-Pylori bacteria in their stomach compared to those with healthy heart beats. If H-Pylori sounds familiar to you, that's because today, it is widely known to be a trigger for stomach ulcers.

  • Serving Sizes

This sounds like a common sense conclusion, but researchers say they can't believe how many parents don't think of this simple solution to childhood obesity. The study comes from Cornell University where they followed a group of preschool children and found the most powerful predictor of how much kids consumed each day was simply how much food they were given. In other words, the study found that kids much like adults, are not good at judging how hungry they are or how much they can eat. So, the best way to curb a child's obesity is to cut back on their calories, by putting less food on their plates.

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