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Avoiding Summer Travel Rip-offs

Brochures come in the mail promising to fly you away to an exotic location for a small processing fee... but they give very little detail on exactly where, and how much it would cost, etc. You know, minor details! When working with unfamiliar travel companies, use your instinct because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Nan Campbell, CEO of the Better Business Bureau urges you to call her first. "We've had many horror stories over the years," she says.

When it comes to travel, Nan says it's better to keep your business local. She explains, "Continue doing a search with local travel agents. See if anyone locally can give you the same thing these people are offering."

If you do go with an outside company, be leery of giving money up front. You may never hear from the company again or you may end up with a vacation that's not quite what you expected. Nan says, "I've seen this before: You are going to the Disney "area" in Orlando. OK, Orlando is a big place. There is lots of stuff about Disney there and you may be staying in a pup tent on the beach."

It's all in the wording. Read that fine print carefully, don't be afraid to ask questions, and never give your credit card or bank account number to someone you aren't sure about. Nan adds, "Never ever ever, I can't express enough, send credit card over e-mail. Always use a secure sight."

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