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Lamesa High School students aim to help Alzheimer's patients with class project

Students work on creating a 'busy pillow' (source: KCBD video) Students work on creating a 'busy pillow' (source: KCBD video)

A group of students at Lamesa High School is taking their class project to an international competition.

It's all part of the Community Problem Solving class, where high schools across the nation compete with a service project aimed at helping a specific group within their community.

The Community Problem Solving class at Lamesa High School has spent the last three months creating what they call ‘busy pillows' for Alzheimer's patients in their city.

"It keeps their hands busy. We put all kinds of textures like the furry, we have leather, we have little patches to make it cute so that they can look at it and feel it. And also jingle bells so you can kinda make noises. On some of them we have leather straps that they can braid. Or zippers so they can zip," said project chairman, Breeley Singleton.

And the idea was inspired by someone special to Singleton- her grandmother, who was diagnosed with the disease.

"Last couple of years it got a lot worse, up until about a year ago when she would leave the house and do stuff like that when, it's not safe anymore," Singleton said.

As her family coped with placing her grandmother in a local nursing home, she knew she wanted to do something to bring a little bit of joy into her grandmother's new home.

She brought the idea up to her classmates for their project, and it took off from there.

They dubbed the project "Team We Remember"

"I was really excited because I just know that we're going to accomplish big things with it. And we're going to make a difference with it no matter what we do," Singleton said.

Not only have they made the pillows, they created care packages for the caregivers as well.

Month of research, some sewing lessons, a 6 page paper and a scrapbook later...this team of teens is heading to the International Community Problem Solving competition this summer.

"It feels like a huge accomplishment, not only that we made state and we made internationals, but to see that they're actually making a difference in these patients' lives," class sponsor, Rachel Allday, said.

But when asked what they're most excited about, the students say it's the opportunity to spread awareness, and the thought of Alzheimer's patients in other cities benefiting from this great cause.

"It makes you happy inside knowing that you got to help somebody else out. You know there's different times where we help each other out, especially in this class. But seeing where we can help our community out, it's definitely helped us grow as people," project recorder, Risa McIlwain said.

"Hopefully we will let others see our pillows and maybe they have a family member that they can go make pillows for, so spread the idea."

The team will head to the state competition next month, but they have already qualified for the international competition and will head to that this summer in Wisconsin.

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