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NJCAA Women's National Basketball Championship boosts Lubbock's economy

NJCAA Tournament (Source: KCBD Video) NJCAA Tournament (Source: KCBD Video)

"You know, it’s a great thing for Lubbock. We want Lubbock to have it, just not this year but we want it to be the home. I think the way things are going with Lubbock Sports, and with the people of Lubbock. I think it’s going to be here for a while," former South Plains College Athletics Director Joe Tubb said.

That’s the dream for Lubbock sports. To make Lubbock the permanent home of the NJCAA women’s national championship.  

"They love this, and it’s really new. West Texas is new when you take teams from all over the nation. So they are finding the friendliness and the people, and I think they are loving it," Tubb said.

This tournament brings very best teams junior college teams, and players from across the nation to the Hub City.

"All across the United States from North Dakota, Florida, to New York," Lubbock Sports Director Scott Harrison said.  

With teams in town from all parts of the country, this basketball tournament will have a positive impact on the Lubbock economy.

"There are 24 teams, and 10 hotels throughout the city that host these teams. They go out, they go bowling and do the main attractions that are here," said Harrison.

During last year tournament, the Lubbock economy received more than 1.25 million dollars in revenue.

 But the teams that played here last year say, that Lubbock never forgot the purpose of this tournament the student-athlete.

"Lubbock made us teams feel really special, and sometimes when we do these kinds of tournaments. We forget that the kids are the number one priority, and Lubbock hasn’t forgotten the kids,” said Gulf Coast State head coach Roonie Scovel. "They are showing these kids that they are really special and that they have achieved something special. They just got one more tournament left."

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