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New Toothbrush Helps Kids Brush

Kids can be quick at brushing their teeth, but two minutes is the time it should take, according to dental professionals. One minute for the teeth on top, another minute for the bottom teeth.

Since most kids have no concept of how long that really is, there's something new on the market the Fire Fly toothbrush. It's sort of a toothbrush timer that flashes for 60 seconds while you brush the top teeth, and then another 60 seconds of flashing while you scrub the bottom row.

"I think it's a great concept. It's a motivational factor to get children to brush longer, and that's what we need," says March Powers, a dental hygienist.

The battery runs out after two hundred uses. So if kids are brushing their teeth twice a day like they're supposed to, the Fire Fly should last about three months, which is how long dentists recommend you use a toothbrush before you replace it.

The Fire Fly toothbrush is widely available at Wal-Mart, Target, drug stores and even dollar stores, and it just costs a couple dollars.

The Fire Flyy toothbrush was developed by a medical doctor who calls himself Doctor Fresh. The story goes that he couldn't get his young daughter to brush her teeth for very long, so he took the LCD light out of a pair of sneakers and put it in the bottom of a regular toothbrush. Then he realized he was onto something.

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