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Lubbock Teens Learning to be Future Leaders

67 Lubbock teens are fighting through adversity to learn what it takes to become a future leader in Lubbock. Teens ages 14-17 have to apply to Youth Corps in order to go to the camp, but getting through it, isn't an easy task.

The goal sounds simple, get the marble in the bucket. The platoon needed to work together in order to accomplish the task, but it meant listening to each other and working as a team. After about 20 tries, the team succeeded.

The camp began at 3:30 in the morning when the fire alarm was set off as the alarm clock. It was a rude awakening that is meant to give Youth Corps teens the discipline for a brighter future. "It's hard work, you gotta work for it," 15-year-old Tina Criado is facing her biggest fear, heights.

Micah Herron joined Youth Corps to make changes both in body and mind. "It's a lot tougher than I thought, like running two miles, I did it."

The Corps teaches physical training, team building, and facing fears to teach self confidence and self esteem.

Executive Director of the Youth Corps says in one word the camp teaches, "Confidence. They come in and believe they can't do it, we prepare and train them to know they can do it."

The next two weeks, these teens will be pushed to the limit mentally and physically to help accomplish goals big and small.

All of the Youth Corps members that graduate after the two week course, will be awarded $500 a piece. After that they will be begin service projects in August and average one a month until May.

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