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How Will the State Prosecute the Death Of a Lubbock Teen?

Attorney Travis Ware tried many murder cases while he was Lubbock District Attorney.

According to Ware, if someone dies as a result of foul play, there are three different murder charges that the district attorneys office can consider.

If investigators believe someone intentionally killed someone, the charge would be Murder. There is also involuntary manslaughter, considered a reckless death, or criminal negligent homicide which, Ware says, is the lower offense of the three.

But there is more to consider. Police are questioning a group of teenagers that may have taken a role in Mallory's death. Which means if there is reason to believe one of them may be guilty, they could be protected by juvenile laws, which Ware says are more relaxed.

"Juveniles are protected because we, in our system, have this vestige of trying to protect juveniles because they are young, haven't grown up and at that age, people do silly things," said Ware. But he also says that juveniles are charged depending on the crime and their past criminal history as well, which he says dictates whether a juvenile is tried as an adult.

Also, if police know where the drug came from, like a dealer, then that person can also face charges.

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