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Making Saturday School fun at O.L. Slaton

O.L. Slaton Middle School Principal Damon McCall (Source: KCBD Video) O.L. Slaton Middle School Principal Damon McCall (Source: KCBD Video)

"We try to make it fun and exciting," 8th Grade English Teacher Angela O'Brien said. "Once the kids that didn't come last time heard how fun it was, now they are here this Saturday."

"I thought it was kind of crazy, them asking us to be up early just to come to Saturday School," 8th Grader Serena Delacruze said. "When I got here, I was nervous. But when we started going into the stuff more, I started having fun."

That was the goal for O.L. Slaton Middle School principal Damon McCall, to make coming to school on Saturday a fun experience.

"Boost morale and stuff like that, and he gave me the idea of a Saturday school. We want to help build kids' confidence, and help them as they get ready for the STAAR," McCall said.

The STAAR test stands for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. The 7th and 8th graders of O.L Slaton Middle School will face that test early next week.

"We made it a game mentality, and we called it the Saturday Showdown," McCall said. "So instead of Saturday School, but we divide them into groups and it turns into a game activity. So they answer test questions, and the object is to see how many questions you can get correct in the hour."

At the end of the hour, the student with the most answers correct receives a prize.

"The top student in writing will get a $25 gift card, second place will get a $10 gift card, and third place will get a $5 gift card. So, that is the game mentality," McCall said.

Principal McCall is confident as his students gear up for the STAAR test. He says he has nothing to worry about because they are well prepared.

"It is a beast, but our kids are up for the challenge. They are going to do great, they really will," McCall said.

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