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HealthWise at 5 From 6.22

  • Coffee Could Hinder PET Scans

Avoiding coffee could help doctors get a better view of what's happening inside your body. A new study suggests caffeine could interfere with results of a PET or CT scan. For the scans to work, a radioactive tracer is absorbed by the heart. Researchers found when patients drank coffee, the heart took in too much of the tracer, making some lesions difficult to see. Researchers say by avoiding all caffeine 24 hours before scans, doctors have a better chance of getting a "good view" of the body's condition.

  • Kids Activity

Health officials are now recommending children get 60 minutes of exercise a day. Researchers concluded after reviewing 1,200 studies that children should spend an hour exercising in order to ensure optimal health. They also found routine exercise can provide more than mental health, but academic benefits as well. Children can get 60 minutes of exercise through PE classes, recess and extra-curricular activities. Researchers say exercise is one of the best ways to battle the child obesity epidemic. Researchers recommend activities like jumping rope, brisk walking and playing basketball and soccer. These activities can hold the attention of kids.

  • Alzheimer Risk Predictor

A new computer program that scans the brain could help doctors determine who's at risk for Alzheimer's disease years before symptoms develop. Using a pet scan, researchers developed a method of measuring metabolic activity in a small area of the brain called the hippocampus. Researchers at the New York University School of Medicine say low metabolism levels in the hippocampus increase a persons risk for Alzheimer's disease. More studies are needed, but researchers believe the new program could help find who is at risk of getting Alzheimer's disease an average of nine years before any symptoms show up.

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