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Preventing kidney trouble with Dr. Sharma Prabhakar

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It's estimated that there are about 46 million people with kidney disease and according to Dr. Sharma Prabhakar, a nephrologist, most progress to kidney failure.

Dr. Prabhakar is a Texas Tech Physician in the process of publishing a 400-page book on how we can use our diet to slow or even stop the progression of kidney failure.

He says scientists have learned that the acid in red meat contributes to the progression of kidney failure, but the good news is that we can neutralize that acid by simply adding fruits and vegetables in the same meal.

He explains, "Protein in the diet generates acid and that accumulation of acid in the body contributes to the progression of kidney disease. We can counter this by decreasing our protein content, especially by consuming more plant-derived protein instead of animal-derived protein, then substituting part of the diet with fruits and vegetables."

Dr. Prabhakar says conventional therapies are not sufficient in halting the progression of kidney disease, but a well-balanced diet works and is much safer than buying into sales pitches on the internet.

He says, "Some of them are actually dangerous. There is stuff, it is called actually kidney stuff. They sell it on the internet and it has not been tested. And similarly there is something called Kidney Disease Solution. More importantly, some of them can have dangerous effects."

More than 18 million people in the U.S. turn to natural remedies. Some are helpful, but some are harmful.

Bottom line, Dr. Prabhakar says before you buy any supplement as a remedy for kidney trouble, it's important that you talk consult with your doctor.

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