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Dermatologist Explains Mohs Surgery

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Rather than removing skin cancer with a big chunk of skin around it to be safe that the cancer has not spread, there is another option.

It's called Mohs surgery.

Dr. Russell Akin, a Dermatologist, Mohs Surgeon and Texas Tech Physician says it's worth asking about if a patient learns that a certain "spot" needs to be removed.

He explains, "With Mohs surgery, we're looking at 100% of the margin where there's no need to remove excess tissue. So, it's a skin sparing technique. Our goal is to remove the skin cancer but leave as much healthy tissue behind as possible."

Dr. Akin says particularly when there is skin cancer on the eyelid, ear or nasal tip, it's important to save as much healthy tissue as possible. With Mohs, they remove the skin cancer and process the tissue differently than with the standard surgical excision. It is processed in vertical instead of horizontal sections. Then, in the lab, they look through all those sections to check each layer microscopically to be sure that every cancer cell is removed.

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