Consider This: Are police chases worth the risk?

Consider This: Are police chases worth the risk?

This week we showed you police dash cam video of Lubbock Police Department officers chasing a burglary suspect through residential neighborhoods at speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour.

I was outraged watching the safety of Lubbock citizens repeatedly put in needless jeopardy as officers sped down narrow residential streets and through stop signs.

The chase ended in a wreck between the suspect and a police officer in someone's yard.

One officer involved was placed on paid administrative leave; and the pursuit is under an Internal Affairs investigation.

This comes barely a year after an innocent citizen was killed by a fleeing felon in a high-speed pursuit.

Consider this: I am always the first to say you cannot jump to conclusions based solely on video footage. This is no exception.

Video gives a single perspective of part of the story.

But when the Internal Affairs investigation is over, I have a question for Chief Stevens.

Does this high speed race through Lubbock neighborhoods meet with your policy?

And if it does, is it worth the risk to the public and law enforcement alike?

Particularly when often there is not enough teeth in the law to keep a burglary suspect off the streets for more than a week anyway.

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