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Former UT football coach shares favorite memories of Coach Spike Dykes

Mac Brown shares favorite moments with Coach Spike Dykes (Source: KCBD) Mac Brown shares favorite moments with Coach Spike Dykes (Source: KCBD)

On Thursday, thousands of people gathered in Lubbock to honor the memory of former Texas Tech head football coach Spike Dykes. 

The legendary coach died Monday at the age of 79-years-old. 

People from across the country filled the sanctuary at First United Methodist Church to honor and tell Coach Dyke's stories in a way that helped one another walk through loss. 

Dr. Craig Curry with First United Methodist Church began Thursday's memorial with an order from Coach Dykes himself. 

He told the crowd, there willl be no crying in the room. He said Coach Dykes did not want his memorial to be a day of mourning, but rather of celebration. 

FULL VIDEO: Memorial service for Spike Dykes

While there were tears, there was also laughter as loved ones shared their favorite memories of the man who made an incredible impact on their lives.

Former head football coach of the University of Texas, Mac Brown, spoke about his dear friend and said Coach Dykes is probably smiling to see the former UT coach in Texas Tech territory. 

"I've had some bad days in Lubbock," Brown said to the crowd who erupted in laughter.

"You have really enjoyed them," he said with a smile. 

"I love him, I miss him. His legacy is about people. It's about truth. It's about family. He loved his family and it was about loyalty at a time when people are not as loyal. We have lost a dear friend, but we have lost an icon," Brown said.

Former Texas Tech running back and current head coach for the Los Angeles Chargers, Anthony Lynn, also shared some of his favorite memories of Coach Dykes.

Lynn said he hopes he can follow in his mentor's footsteps.

"When I leave here, I want to be like him. Somebody who stood for something, somebody who was a blessing to somebody. That is what he was to so many of us athletes here today," Lynn said.

Lynn said Coach Dykes was much more than a mentor on the field. 

Lynn said he was raised in a single-family household with a mother who worked two jobs. 

He said his mother taught him that he had a father, Jesus Christ. 

While Lynn said he spoke to God all of the time, he knows there was someone else who helped fill that void.

"God put people in my life at certain times, father figures, people I could reach out and touch, talk to and hug, disappoint and make happy. He put those people in my life and one of those people was Spike Dykes, no doubt about it. I realize that more today, now, than ever before," Lynn said.

Loyal, loving, and faithful, those were just some of the words used to describe Coach Dykes.

A man who despite tremendous success, remained humble. 

This icon, whose name is attached to incredible honors, will be remembered for more than his success on the football field, he wil be remembered for his love of others and his servant's heart. 

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