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Hero Describes How He Got Two People Out Of Burning House

The Lubbock fire investigator says it's rare that a trained fire fighter will ever pull one victim from a burning building. If you drive by one lot in Northwest Lubbock County you'll see nothing but charred memories and disbelief that anyone got out alive. But everything happens for a reason, even Thursday's fire. If you don't believe it, ask Nicolas Tafoya.

It starts with a wrecked vehicle. Nicholas Tafoya's family car needed new parts and that was his family's plan that fateful day. Not the fire that he happened to come across in northwest Lubbock County. He believes it was someone else's plan.

"The trailer had a backdoor. A woman was looking out the window yelling "help". I told her to go out the backdoor, but when I went to check it, the handle was hot," said Nicholas.

Nicolas says it was the look of terror in the woman's face that gave him the strength or perhaps it was something more powerful than that. "Like a big man picked me up. It was probably the ‘big man’ upstairs," he said as he pointed up to the sky.

"I didn't think I was going to make it," he says. "When I jumped in the window the flames blocked the window. The only way out was the backdoor. The walls were already covered in flames. I saw a 20 year-old man sleeping. I put him under my arm and kicked the backdoor open," described Nicholas.

Nicholas is lucky to be alive to tell his story. Lubbock Fire Investigator Garett Nelson thought the rescue was incredible. "I would say a high percentage of fire fighters will never rescue a person in their career."

But to Nicholas, it wasn't about a career or being a hero. It was about everything happening for a reason. "If the car wasn't wrecked and I didn't have to drive out here to get parts, we would not have been here and we would have seen on the news that two people passed away in this fire," said Nicholas.

Fire investigators say Nicholas was very fortunate to have lived through this, and they don't encourage anyone to run into a burning building.

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